Social media has dramatically altered the way we think and act. The manic pace it has set leaves most of us dumbfounded. For the first ever Philippine Social Media Week, with its august speakers seeks to demystify the world of social media. Having garnered a huge success from the Malaysia Social Media Week editions, this national conference connecting people regarding content and conversations on emerging trends in social and mobile media, unfolds yet another striking edition.

PSMW’s theme “Engage, Educate & Entertain”, reflects the role of social media as a catalyst in stirring the cultural, political, economic and social development of a nation. The theme encourages thousands of individuals and organizations to project, orchestrate and execute original ideas- through social media

Wildly popular and happening, this kick off Philippine Social Media Week (PSMW) 2019 will no longer be a mere event- it will become a movement!

  • Improve social media SKILLS to stay competitive globally
  • Achieve MEASUREABLE Public Relations and Awareness benchmarks
  • Building ACHIEVABLE people centric missions and goals
  • Establish trust and drive realistic end RESULTS
  • Approaching and addressing Gen-Y issues in a TIMELY manner
  • Infusing EDUCATIONAL values
  • Increase visibility and be REACHABLE to the mass
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Brand Managers
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Students
  • Artists
  • PR / Corporate Communications Specialists
  • Marketing / Media Specialists
  • Technology / Digital Specialists
  • KEY MESSAGES outstretched faster reaching wider audience
  • IMPROVES branding effects of market positioning & brand acceptance
  • SOCIAL MEDIA’s economical friendliness valued
  • INCREASES global recognition and easy access to communities and connections
  • DISCUSSIONS between communities on a specific issue(s) encouraged
  • EMPHASIZES today’s crucial issues as to whether they should be pardoned or developed
  • NETWORKING for vital growth and exposure


Amor Maclang

Bryan Yap

Nix Eniego

Kiruba Shankar

Mark Yambot

Nicsman Tay

Christopher Tock

Indhran Indhra Seghar

Kathy Kenny Ngo

Jovel Cipriano

Sreejith Narayanan Sree

Saket Kumar Jha

George Royeca

Walter Wong

Mario Berta

Jim Guzman

Angel Antonio

Ace Gapuz

Illac Diaz

Philips Yu

The Organizer

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